Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics - Rochester, NY

The facility, built in 2006 is 20,000 square feet with top of the line equipment, including many in-ground trampolines, in-ground tumble tracks with different degrees of firmness, spotting harnesses and much more.  The gym has the best equipment for cheerleaders to get the tumbling skills needed, including our new dual tumbling strip that is both metal spring floor and firm cheer floor.  We are the only gym in the country with an in-ground declined Air Tumble Track leading to a bungee foam pit.  Northern Hemisphere has recently updated the gym with new equipment for our ninja warrior program.  We have a large waiting room for viewing the whole gym with WiFi for our customers.   Our gym is well ventilated, clean, and air conditioned.

Our motto is still “Kids First, Winning Second.” We strive to keep beginner to advanced level students feeling challenged, but not pressured. Our classes and camps are very structured and disciplined in order to ensure that every student has the safest most enjoyable experience possible. Our program will allow your child to progress at his or her own rate, with the help and encouragement of our experienced instructors. Our instructors give equal attention to all their students, no matter what their skill level may be. The goal of our program is for students to have fun, get exercise, and gain self-esteem, all while being in an environment where safety is taken seriously. We want to help all students feel good about themselves and their accomplishments, and look forward to coming back class after class.

If you would like more information about Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics or to register for upcoming classes including summer camps, school camps, please call us during normal business hours at (585) 265-4740.

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About Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics - Rochester, NY