Rochester's Ninja Warrior Course!

Northern Ninja Warriors

Northern Hemisphere has the largest ninja warrior gym in the Rochester area.  Our facility is 20,000 square feet, plus we have 2 more courses outside!  Our large space give us the ability to keep kids moving through the equipment and minimizes waiting time

Our main goal is always safety.  Our highly trained coaches spot students on state of the art equipment.  Our students register in 8 week sessions for safety.  Students that are comfortable with the equipment and coaches that know the students and their abilities, helps create a safer environment.

Ninja Warrior classes will go outside for class (weather depending) Make sure to bring warm clothes all year round and dry sneakers each class! 

Rochester, NY - Ninja Warriors Class
Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics - Ninja Warrior Program

Interested in starting your own Ninja Warrior program?  Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics offers business consulting.

Please contact the gym at (585) 265-4740 for more information.