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Psychological Benefits of Summer Camp in Rochester, NY

After the school year ends, summer arrives with a variety of activities for children. One of these activities is summer camps! Along with having a lot of fun, summer camp provides children psychological benefits as well. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, we offer a variety of summer camps in Rochester, NY. INDEPENDENCE AND RESILIENCE One of…

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Top Benefits of our Rochester, NY Adventure Camp

Help your child develop new skills, while having a ton of fun at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics summer camp in Rochester, NY. Our adventure camps offers children unique activities, including indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior events, archery, rope course, zip lines, kayaking, slip n’ slides, outdoor play areas, and more! Check out some of the top reasons…

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Develop Your Child’s Vestibular System

Do you know what the vestibular system is? The vestibular system is an important part of your child’s body, and everyone’s! The vestibular system is the sensory system that provides the sense of balance and spatial orientation for coordinating movement and balance. This system is located behind the ears and helps children with brain information…

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Ninja Warrior for After School Program in Rochester, NY

American Ninja Warrior is the popular TV show where contestants have to physically challenge themselves to get through an obstacle course under an allotted amount of time. And you might’ve seen American Ninja Warrior Junior this fall on the Universal Kids TV channel. This is a scaled down version for kids ages 9 -14 which…

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