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Keep Your Child’s Growth Going After School in Rochester, NY

After school programs in Rochester, NY are a great way to keep your child’s development and growth growing outside of school hours. Encouraging social, physical, or educational activities to keep our children’s minds and bodies moving sets them up for success in the future. From the moment your child is born, you have 963 weeks…

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Blog Birthday Party at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics - Rochester, New York

After School Gymnastics Program in Rochester, NY

Physical activity for children helps create the foundation for a healthy and active life as they mature. Now physical activity for children will differ from what you might be used to. The daily routine of going to the gym, lifting weights or big cardio workouts are great for adults, but children don’t need all of…

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Blog The screen effect in kids

Rochester, New York: The Screen Effect

Entertaining your child can be challenging…keeping them entertained for hours can be near impossible. With tablets and phones capable of housing all their favorite apps and shows on to one device, it seems like the best option to keep your child amused. But, what are the impacts of all that screen time? At Northern Hemisphere,…

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A Summer of a Life Time in Rochester, NY

At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we offer activities at our summer camps in Rochester, NY that are both unique and fun! Our camps are designed both for you and your child with convenient drop off times, and excited staff to make your child’s summer the best! Work all day but still want to give your kids…

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